Arnon Grunberg
De joodse messias / Grote Jiddische roman
De joodse messias / Grote Jiddische roman image
Vassallucci, Amsterdam

The Jewish Messiah

Xavier Radek lives in Basel, Switserland and is a young man with a mission: he wants to know more about the suffering of the jews. He decides to comfort the ‘Enemies of happiness’.
Although his parents think this has to do with his puberty, he makes friends with Awromele, the son of a rabbi, who suggests he gets circumcised and takes Hebrew lessons. After the problematic circumcision Xavier is certain of his messianistic aspirations: he turns to painting and leaves with Awromele to Amsterdam where he gets rejected by the Rietveld Art Academy. Awromele gets a job at a supermarket. Soon they will go to Israel where Xavier will make it to president.
The universe of The Jewish Messiah is one of pain. All of its characters seem to search for one thing: salvation.

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Lebowski Publishers

De joodse messias


Vassallucci, Amsterdam 2004. Grote Jiddische Roman (Great Yiddish Novel) is the same book as The Jewish Messiah, only with a different title and cover.

Rothschild & Bach, Amsterdam 2006

Uitgeverij XL, Den Haag 2006

Lebowski, Amsterdam 2008

Lebowski, Amsterdam 2008. Special edition with a poem by Arnon Grunberg

Lebowski, Amsterdam 2009

Maarten Muntinga, Amsterdam 2010

Lebowski, Amsterdam 2016

Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Amsterdam 2021