Arnon Grunberg
De geschiedenis van mijn kaalheid
De geschiedenis van mijn kaalheid image
De Geus, Breda

The Story of My Baldness

A Viennese philosophy student Marek van der Jagt tells the story of his quest for l’amour fou. Van der Jagt leads us past a grotesque of characters: his stepmother Eleonore, author of the best-selling How Old Women Can Get Rich; Otto, the Dry Cleaning King of Vienna and the man who holds the key to Marek’s past; the nubile and willing Luxemburgers, Andrea and Milena, who uncover Marek’s darkest secret; Professor Hirschfeld, the collector of criminal dreams; Dr. Ahorn, the plastic surgeon without solutions; and, last but not least, Marek’s own promiscuous mother, who ‘lived to elicit desire the way other people live for their children or to become millionaires…’

Read a chapter in English here.

De Geus


De Geus, Breda 2000

Uitgeverij XL, Den Haag 2001

Malmberg, Den Bosch 2002

De Geus, Breda 2004

De Geus, Breda 2005

Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Amsterdam 2014


Left: Theatre group Toetssteen played The Story of My Baldness in March, April and November 2003. Directed by Elles Pleijter.