Arnon Grunberg
De geschiedenis van mijn kaalheid
De geschiedenis van mijn kaalheid image
De Geus, Breda

The Story of My Baldness

A Viennese philosophy student Marek van der Jagt tells the story of his quest for l’amour fou. Van der Jagt leads us past a grotesque of characters: his stepmother Eleonore, author of the best-selling How Old Women Can Get Rich; Otto, the Dry Cleaning King of Vienna and the man who holds the key to Marek’s past; the nubile and willing Luxemburgers, Andrea and Milena, who uncover Marek’s darkest secret; Professor Hirschfeld, the collector of criminal dreams; Dr. Ahorn, the plastic surgeon without solutions; and, last but not least, Marek’s own promiscuous mother, who ‘lived to elicit desire the way other people live for their children or to become millionaires…’

Read a chapter in English here.

Also available as an audiobook.

De Geus


De Geus, Breda 2000

Uitgeverij XL, Den Haag 2001

Malmberg, Den Bosch 2002

De Geus, Breda 2004

De Geus, Breda 2005

Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Amsterdam 2014


Left: Theatre group Toetssteen played The Story of My Baldness in March, April and November 2003. Directed by Elles Pleijter.