Arnon Grunberg
Kortrijk - Female Mud Wrestling for Peace
Kortrijk - Female Mud Wrestling for Peace image

The charming Belgian city of Kortrijk hosted Arnon Grunberg’s International Female Mud Wrestling for Peace. Women from various religious backgrounds competed in mud wrestling matches with a live commentary by Herr Seele.
The winner had a final match with Miss Peace, who has proven herself, so that Halloween weekend of 3 November 2007 participants and audience could temporarily celebrate her victory with a benefit dinner in Bistro Cantate.
The event was also a tribute to the late Andy Kaufman, women’s wrestling champion of the world.
Profits were supposed to be donated to Stichting ZinZien. There were no profits but some participants decided to donate the costs they made for the show.
Alexander Koning made a movie of the event, the dvd was given as a present to all the contributors. 40 numbered copies with an original flyer signed by Arnon Grunberg were for sale.

Logo design by: Bas Kocken

Andy Kaufman - documentary

Photos by: Eva Pel, Textz, Klaas Vroege and Johannes van der Sluis