Arnon Grunberg
Amsterdam - Masterclass writing
Amsterdam - Masterclass writing image

Arnon Grunberg was invited to be a guest speaker at a masterclass writing, organised by publishing company Querido and newspaper Trouw. On the 3rd of March 2007 he took everyone with a boat to Boxing Gym Bep Kneppers in Amsterdam where trainers Henk Sleijfer and Carlos Ramnath gave a hardcore boxing training.

(During the training)
Henk: 'Keep your hands high, otherwise Arnon will write nasty things about you.' Someone: 'But we write articles too, you know.' Henk: 'Yes, but no one is ever going to read them.'

Afterwards there was a very nice and tasty lunch in Café Tabac.
Arnon Grunberg gave the participants an assignment to write a short story (fiction or non-fiction) based on the events of the morning.
14 stories and one haiku were the result. Justine Leclercq's 'Nieuwe ronde' was selected to be published on this site. Read it here.

Photos by: Michel Honig